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Robert Decker

Robert Decker

Greer, SC


Artists Statement
Art is everywhere and in everything we do. My art is an attempt to take those things we see every day and show the beauty and harmony that they represent in the world around us. I grew up in the outdoors and feel a deep reverence for the natural world; the quiet gentle moments of a bee on a flower to the awesome power of a hurricane, the world is an incredible place and I want to share the beauty I see with the viewer. From a tree to a dog jumping in the water, to a beach before a storm, I strive to bring the everyday up a level to something above commonplace.
For as long as I have been an artist people have wanted to know how I make my art. Shortly after I started showing my work at the artists Guild Gallery people again started requesting that I teach them my techniques, so I began teaching officially in early 2009. I believe that a solid foundation in drawing will make anyone’s art better. It doesn’t matter if you are drawing an object in front of you or out of your imagination, having good, solid, basic drawing skills will lead a person to being more satisfied with their artistic endeavors. Similarly, when I started teaching painting, I realized that not only good drawing and observation skills, but being able to mix the color in front of you was paramount to creating good paintings and in response I have developed a solid teaching method to help my students accomplish exactly that.
I enjoy teaching and learning about my student’s goals and helping them reach those goals. It doesn’t matter if they just want to relax and enjoy the catharsis that painting offers, or if they have something deep inside that they want to express, I am here to teach and guide my students on what I hope will become a lifelong journey.
Over my career I have taught dozens of students in-person and many more through video art lessons. My classes cover the fundamentals of art: observation, shape, value, composition, and technique just to name a few. My video art lessons take these concepts to a new format, allowing the viewer to experience my techniques and work through my demonstrations from the comfort of their own home and at their own pace.
Recently I started blogging about the nature of buying art. Over the years, through many conversations, I have found that many people would like to collect original art, but are unsure of where to start and what to look for. Through this blog series I hope to take the mystery out of the process and create some new collectors.
My artwork is displayed in private and public collections across the United States and in 4 countries and I am a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America.
My classes are currently being taught at The Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville in Greenville, SC. And I have also recently taught at the Mauldin Cultural Center in Mauldin, SC.



Arthur Mouse receives Excalibur by Robert Decker


Octoberpus I by Robert Decker


Alien Gothic by Robert Decker


Granny Smith by Robert Decker


Biltmore Lilypads by Robert Decker


Rooster I by Robert Decker


Chickadee 2 by Robert Decker


Paris Mountain Waterfall by Robert Decker


Eastern Mountain Bluebird by Robert Decker


Tranquility III Furman University by Robert Decker


Red Eye Dragon by Robert Decker


Greenville Street Scene by Robert Decker


Mountain Stream at Dusk by Robert Decker


Foggy Drive Home by Robert Decker


Country Road Cold Fall Morning by Robert Decker


Splash by Robert Decker


Tranquility Furman Botanical garden by Robert Decker


Furman University Clock Tower by Robert Decker


Before Isabella by Robert Decker


Three Turtles Lake Conestee by Robert Decker


Fall Leaves by Robert Decker


Transforming by Robert Decker


Siberian Husky by Robert Decker


Bicycles by Robert Decker


Purple Pansies 1 by Robert Decker


Bald Eagle by Robert Decker


Caroline by Robert Decker


White Bark Yellow Leaves by Robert Decker


Costa Rican Coast by Robert Decker


Summer Bees I by Robert Decker


Cat Nap I by Robert Decker


Butterly by Robert Decker


Furman University Cliffs Cottage by Robert Decker


Old Red Stripe 15 by Robert Decker


Fall Still Life with Antlers by Robert Decker